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Protecting The Interests Of Trucking And Transportation Businesses

Trucking is a unique subset of the law that requires special attention from attorneys who have experience handling truck accident cases. Defense of trucking companies and their insureds in accident claims needs to be aggressive and detail-oriented in order to protect the business.

Our attorneys at Garvey, Shearer, Nordstrom, PSC are highly skilled in the area of trucking law and are here to help. We work tirelessly to see that your trucking business is protected. Dealing with an insurance company, facing issues from a federal regulatory agency or addressing claims presented by an opposing lawyer; regardless of your situation, our firm has the knowledge necessary to advocate for you.

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Our Trucking Law Representation

Many trucking issues involve complex laws and federal guidelines that can be difficult to understand and apply. If your trucking business finds itself involved in a legal dispute and is defending itself, it is time to seek counsel from an experienced lawyer. Our firm is fluent in the language of these laws and can explain to you not only your situation, but also your options.

We represent numerous trucking companies and specialty insurance carriers in the transportation industry. This allows us to handle large trucking accidents involving:

  • Catastrophic bodily injuries
  • Fatalities and wrongful death
  • Broker claims
  • Driver claims
  • Priority of insurance coverage claims
  • Non-trucking policy claims
  • Freight/carmack amendment claims
  • Punitive damages claims
  • Risk management
  • Statutory and regulatory compliance

Transportation Law Issues

In addition to trucking law matters, our firm handles situations involving other types of transportation. Whether your business is on the roads, on the rails, on the water or in the air, we can help. Our firm defends railroad, aviation, maritime and other transportation businesses in issues involving federal regulatory agencies, accidents, licensing and more. We have the industry-specific insight you need to reach a resolution to your case.

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